1. "trees and planes and your ass"

    I am trying to count 
    the things in my head
    I am lack of understanding
    and much fear
    a cricket is chirping 
    and I don’t know why
    why do crickets chirp
    three hours later and
    I’m on a bus 
    staring out the window 
    and I don’t know why
    and I forget where I’m going
    and get off and walk
    in circles around 
    a college campus
    making eye contact with 
    everyone all at once
    thousand eyes 
    all over my body
    and I cum in my pants
    and do you get nervous when 
    you see my name on your phone too?
    six hours later and 
    I’m listening to music 
    and thinking about how 
    a lot of the people I love
    are dead
    how I’m dead when I’m not around
    how at night when it’s dark
    the wind blows and very few
    things even care

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  2. "drinking myself under the table this is my home this where i live now"

    fill your crystals with moon juice
    rub salt on your teeth
    make yourself warm
    with my sticky love for you
    love strong! love deep!
    love wounds, and Mars
    i am sinking really slow
    vibrating at a frequency moms can hear
        counting out
    amounts of money 
    ending in .97, .98, .99
    smoke a whole pack of cigarettes
    ask you questions 
    until my alarm goes off
    think about texting you at 11:11 ironically
    until it’s 11:30
    go to sleep anxious
    wake up with texts about last night

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  3. "grand opening"

    everyone should hold hands
    right now
    everyone should be having
    their hair played with
    all the time
    let’s rub our noses together
    we’re all giving up 
    we’re all letting go
    we’re all painting the same field
    we’re all wearing khaki
    cargo shorts and standing 
    in front of your house
    with signs that say
    "we will never forgive you!"

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  4. me reading my poem called “new tattoo ideas”

    it was always you
    the sun coming through the
    blinds lighting up your sleepy smile
    before you remembered that
    you live two lives or three
    I’m always saying goodbye”

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