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somebody’s dream


    somebody’s dream

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  2. Anonymous said: your poems are so beautifully sad

    yeah, I miss you too

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  3. modestmark:


    something, something, “moving on”
    but actually something
    closer to “giving up”
    waking up early 
    when it’s still dark out
    drunk as fuck at 7:30PM
    it’s like “Hey, you up?”
    buzzing on a bedside table
    somewhere else
    not waiting for anyone. get 
    dressed in the same clothes 
    every day 
    and get in the car
    and drive around until
    the sun comes up
    every day is like quitting smoking
    all over again, forever

    marginally improved.

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  4. "fall"

    yeah, everything’s almost ok
    everything’s swirling around 
    and i think of you warmly
    and i’m thanking you for
    the good time you gave me
    and if you told me you love me
    now, it wouldn’t hurt that bad
    and sometimes i still want 
    to hold your hand and 
    touch the tip of your nose
    and you’re mostly forgotten
    and you’re mostly all dried up
    and most of your light 
    is very old 
    but still sometimes
    almost like something warm
    i think i finally stopped trying to find you
    i sometimes feel like i’m waking up
    from a very long nap
    and very rarely is your voice in my dreams

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